Course Maps

Swim Course:

0.25 Mile Swim

Swim course follows a triangular shape with the total distance of 0.25 miles. Large bouys will be placed and plenty of lifeguards on paddleboards and kayaks surrounding the water area. 

Bike Course:

12.5 Mile Bike

NEW! The bike course will be due south this year! The map only shows the beginning portion of the bike, but it will be a straight shot down Rockledge drive and back. The 6mile turnaround will be at River Rd Circle (Landmark: Behind Goodwill on US1 in Rockledge). Transition area is highlighted in the yellow rectangle.

Run Course:

3.1 Mile Run

NEW! The run portion of the race will be heading north this year. With construction being done, the tunnel area under SR-520 will be clear. After the tunnel, the run will continue along Willard St., Then turn right onto Brevard ave and a straight shot on Indian River Drive. The map only shows the beginning portion of the run. The run will continue straight North along Indian River Drive, with a clearly marked turnaround at 1.55miles (cone and a volunteer/First Responder) and back.

Transition area is highlighted in the yellow rectangle.

Official Race Training Camp

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